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Introverts vs. Extroverts

We are all different yet can be put under few categories that define our personalities. We all like a good personality test every once in awhile. Why’s that, you may ask? Well, probably because we’re still trying to figure out just who we are and why we do the things we do. But sometimes we don’t even need a quiz to comprehend that the person sitting in front of us is a chatterbox or a man of few words. So what are the main differences between introverts and extroverts? Are we maybe not that different?

Introverts can be really good friends once they let you in. Introverts are known for their reservedness and shyness. They’re usually the quiet ones in a group of friends or the loners in the corner of the cafe. You may recognise an introvert from the book they’re reading or the headphones they’re carrying everywhere. But just because they put up signs that scream “I’M BUSY, DON’T TALK TO ME!” doesn’t mean they don’t or can’t have friends. In fact, introverts are really loyal mates who can talk with you for hours and hours once they feel comfortable around you.

Extroverts get lonely too. Talkativeness and usual socialising don’t necessarily indicate happiness. Sometimes that radiating smile on a face of an extrovert can hide deepest wounds. It is no secret that the happier a person pretends to be, the more he’s suffering. So just because extroverts like company so much and have a uncountable amount of friends doesn’t mean that they don’t get lonely. You’d be surprised to know how many extroverts feel empty and lonely even in a group of friends. Sadness and loneliness are common feelings that don’t care about personality types.

Introverts are not depressed. While introverts have higher chances of becoming depressed simply because they don’t socialise that much, it doesn’t mean they are. Sitting in one’s room all day or not interacting with people for some time doesn’t indicate a mental illness. Introverts charge themselves by being alone, with their own thoughts and feelings. Everyone should understand and respect that, and not try to drag them out of their comfort zones the minute they get there.

Extroverts recharge themselves in a group of friends. Extroverts get tired of being alone quick and crave for conversations even for little talks. They recharge themselves in social situations and are happy as long as they are sure there are friends around.

Introverts are more creative. While creativeness isn’t determined by personality type it is believed that creative people are usually introverts. They tend to be with their own thoughts and feelings, explore themselves and figure out what it is they like to do. Usually, it is some form of art that allows them to express themselves without having to socialise.

Extroverts are good leaders. Again, leadership can’t be put under categories, but the greatest leader, whether it’s a leader of a firm or nation, is usually extrovert. Extroverts are great at understanding people, reading their body language, facial expressions. While introverts tend to focus on themselves and their inner world, extroverts are more in touch with their surroundings and people around them. This is why they are good leaders, they understand people, and can satisfy their needs and desires.

While there are a lot of differences between extroverts and introverts in terms of their inner world, thoughts, perspective on life, we’re all very different. Don’t forget about a third type – ambivert, people who share approximately equally definitions of introverts and extroverts. Plus, great minds like ours cannot be put under any categories since we all differ from one another more than we’d like to admit. Find yourself, learn about yourself, explore yourself and don’t compare yourself to others!

Words by Goda K. // Featuring Johanna Mariel.

© 2015 Reef Magazine



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