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Making the Most of Sale Season

Sale season has landed! Who doesn’t like to land an amazing bargain on an item that would have cost double the price a few months ago?  Working at Topshop, I’ve experienced a few sales now, but this summer I’ve noticed some negative comments from shoppers around me, such as; “everything is in too big/small size”, “nothing is my colour”, and “there’s nothing good in the sale”. In reality, Topshop, and most other high-street sales are pretty amazing; however these unhappy shoppers have joined the masses of those who don’t know how to make the most out of the sale experience. I have put together a short list of tips that I’ve learned from working in a store, and hope that they will help you grab the perfect set of buys this sale season!

1. Perfect Planning

This goes without saying – plan, plan, plan! The complaint “there’s nothing good in the sale”, usually stems from the fact that most of the best, most versatile pieces have already been nabbed by somebody else who got there first! Now don’t mistake me, avid shopper, though I am, I’m not asking you to queue up outside your favourite store at 3 AM waiting for the sale to start. I’m just saying make a note of it – if you’re in desperate need of some new summer clothes, don’t head to the shops straight away, but grab a few friends and plan your trip to coincide with sale openings. That way you can make the most of what’s available and be the first one there. Another great way to keep on top of things is to sign up for emails from your favourite store – they will most likely notify you when there’s an upcoming sale – reducing the amount of effort on your part!

2. Smart Sizing

In the flurry of sale, shop assistants and customers alike will often pick up an item of clothing from the floor, and hang it up onto the nearest hanger available, regardless of whether the size cube on the hanger matches the actual size of the shirt/item of clothing. I can’t tell you how many times women tell me how disappointed they are as the sizes they have picked up are completely disordered, and it’s a real shame and waste of time. In reality, it’s a shop assistant’s job to check that things are on the correctly-sized hanger, but this doesn’t always happen! So to avoid any disappointment and time-wasting, always always always check that the size on the hanger matches the size on the item of clothing you’ve picked up!

3. Savvy Shopping

Last but not least – be smart! When entering a store, head straight to your favourite department. Need a new pair of jeans? Don’t loiter around the winter coat stand at the front of the store – get down there and nab the right pair before somebody else does! Wearing a comfortable, and an easily-removable outfit is so, so important. You don’t want to spend half an hour in every shop trying to zip yourself back into a shirt, or lace yourself into complex summer sandals – just whip on a pair of slides, jeans and a comfy t-shirt and you’ll be set to go, this way making the most of your time in each store you visit!

That’s it! Armed with my retail-guru wisdom, you are now set for sale season my savvy shoppers – may the odds be ever in your favour!

Words by Reena Karian // Photography by Brianna Sharma.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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