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Styling Your Birkenstocks

The trend of Birkenstocks has come back around, just as many styles have these past few years. If fashion deems them hot, then so be it! Birkenstocks go perfectly with easy, comfortable outfits and look stylish enough to wear most places. To not accidentally look like a Birk mom (who says that’s a bad thing?) read these tips down below.

1.        Take the easy route. Slip on a soft t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, your favorite pair of Birks and head out. Any color of t-shirt pairs well with a neutral pair of Birkenstocks. To go for a more minimal look, find a white or black v-neck t-shirt and slightly ripped boyfriend jeans. Roll up the cuffs and you’re ready to go in just a few minutes.

2.       Be a professional. To look just a bit more put together, pair your Birkenstocks with capris and a knitted sweater. Jean capris or simply woven ones will work well under your favorite knit sweater when it’s chilly out. Even one of those fuzzy sweaters over a collared shirt would go well with this look.

3.       Body conscious. Show some skin with a pair of skinny jeans and a racer back crop top. Some faded, ripped skinny jeans, cuffed just at the bottom, and a light, cotton racer back crop top in a muted color would definitely send off some chill vibes.

4.       Go with the wind. Wear a flowy kimono, a solid colored crop top, and a pair of high-waisted jean shorts with your Birks. You could change out kimonos, crop tops, and jeans for a different look all week. This is my favorite look to don during the Summer.

5.       Off-duty model. A nice white, over-sized, button down shirt and high-waisted skinny jeans just grazing the ankle would be a great outfit to wear around town or to work. Cuff the sleeves of your shirt to your elbow and unbutton the collar as far as you’d like to make a slightly deep v-neck. Tuck it into your jeans loosely and pair it with a small shoulder bag. At night, take a pretty clutch with you.

It’s exciting investing in your first pair of Birkenstocks! Go with a neutral color so you can play matchy-matchy with your closet, and be sure to fit into them perfectly before buying, because the bed of the shoe is cork, and will mold to the shape of your foot. Also, know the width of your foot, because my feet are a bit narrow, so I went with narrow Birkenstocks so they wouldn’t look too bulky on me. These shoes can also be easily repaired if they ever break – which is why it’s such a great investment!  All in all, I love a casual feel to any outfit, and Summer is great to spend more time doing fun stuff! Birkenstocks make it super easy to slip on any outfit and go.

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Cassi Harvey.

© 2015 Reef Magazine.


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