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Think Healthy, Live Healthy.

Living a healthy life goes beyond the physical level of eating clean and exercising because your body isn’t the only thing that should be healthy – your mind should be, too. Thinking healthy takes a lot of practice but it’s very rewarding.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way; everyone is successful in his or her own way. This is because beauty and success do not have one definition. I can guarantee my definition of success is different from yours, and that’s okay, but that’s why it’s important not to compare yourself to anyone. I believe this rule is one of the biggest keys to happiness.

Be grateful for the little things

Find happiness in your morning cup of coffee, the flowers you buy for your mom or sister, or the words of your favorite love story. Appreciate life’s little pleasures just as much – if not more – than the bigger things in life.

Acknowledge all that you have

The roof over your head, the food on your plate, the bed to sleep in, the clothes on your back – don’t ever forget how lucky you are to have these things. Not everyone does.

Look forward, not backward

The past is in the past; worrying, stressing, and over-analyzing it, won’t change it. The beauty of the future is that you can shape it to be what you want, which is why it’s important to always look forward and embrace the possibilities it holds.

Live in the present

If happiness is always in the next town you move to, the next job you take, the next book you read, then it will never be where you are now. Find happiness in the present moment.

Think happy, think healthy. Find courage, strength, and humor in yourself – I know you have it in you.

Words by Kristina S. // Photography by Becca Anne.

© 2015 Reef Magazine.


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