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Craving The Morning Light

We all crave that feeling.

Warmth emanating from our bones, dreams becoming distant memories, our hazy world coming into focus…
Those Saturday mornings in bed enjoying one day a week where the art of being lazy is expected.
Delighted in actually.
The sweet aroma of coffee brings my senses to life, belittling leftover emotions into eternity. Sunlight streams through the curtains, giving a gentle warmth to the heart of my room, bringing a new way, a new day. My body screams to move, to intertwine, to stretch but my fellow feline bed guest has other ideas, taking that precise moment to smother me in fur, lie on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. I look up wide-eyed and mystified, embracing the wonder that is our world.
Living in a big city, my window is a haven to the souls of many. I stare at the infinite bricks, layer after layer, that bring beautiful buildings to life. I admire the decor of the houses that face me, scrutinizing what lies behind their window panes, delving into their simple lives. I watch as people enjoy morning summer rays, the crisp air, the first bite of a hot croissant.

The utmost simplicity of watching the world go by.
One sleepy dog walker at a time.
With high hopes and dreams within reach, my grand perspective on life flows like wildfire. I take these moments to be inspired, to fuel my desires.
I then commence my morning rituals which have long become outstanding traditions. I start off the day with a face mask – embracing the idea that I can be anyone I want to be for about 7.5 minutes.
Then with my diary and a smoothie in hand, I recline back to my perfectly ruffled bed and plan my day from best friends, to summer dates, to extravagant shopping trips, to intimate hours at coffee clubs.
My hobbies suddenly come back into existence as I catch myself admiring my guitar, eyeing up my sketch pad. And with time being of no essence, I spend some sweet moments being taken to new levels of freedom.
My day set, I rise to the next challenge: My outfit. The eternal question of my life. I normally take the simple highway opting for some skinny black jeans, a plaid shirt, and my beloved chucks, but every once in a while I find myself drawn to the less inhabited section of my wardrobe, my dresses. God knows why I have so many dresses.
Once I feel pretty, my feet bring me to my safe place, my favorite chair overlooking my could-be-beautiful-if-i-tried garden. I delve into my Shakespeare poetry book… Who am I kidding, I turn to Netflix and enjoy the last moments of serenity, soaking up the drama of other people’s lives. In this case, Serena Van der Woodsen…
With her beauty in mind, I leave my apartment in a whirlwind of everlasting happiness. As I walk along the cobbled streets, I sneak reflective glances at passing windows. They remind my heart that the avalanche of life is continually going too fast, skipping beats to its own rhythm, showing me that a simple morning can redefine my day, my week, my being.

Words by Marie Verheul // Photography by Ash Bishop.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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