Speckle of Our Words
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November 27th

Have you ever initiated a conversation with a stranger, ever glanced at someone you don’t know and eventually have them become a huge part of your life? Two nights ago I began talking to this guy that originally started out as a prank call and now we’ve texted and called and just talked about life and all the silly components that are involved in it. Friendship just because of one call. Isn’t it absurd how you can make one small trivial change in your daily life, step one step outside of your usual path and venture on to a new course in the blink of an eye? For every choice you make, every door you decide to close and every room you enter there’s an infinite amount of possibilities that lie out before you. They may change your life, or change what you ate that day, or completely affect you beyond any means. Just one small choice. It makes me wonder about fate and purpose, if the people you meet throughout your life are there for a reason, to show you something, to teach you something. Anything. But maybe that’s the hopeless dreamer inside of me crying out again, maybe my delusions are far more imaginative than the true meaning of what happens. But isn’t meaning defined by yourself? The emotions you feel only articulated through the feeling in which you possess? So if that’s the case, wouldn’t meaning be defined as how I portray it as and not a text reference in a book?

  Words by Kyley Schultz // Photography by Kelly Smith.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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