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Life with Emotions

Adventure is that gal who grabs you and throws you over her shoulder, taking you somewhere you never expected to go. You better believe she won’t let you down until she’s ready.

Once she does you immediately miss her warm embrace. What it felt like to be held by such gentle experienced arms. You never felt so high or alive as when she’d lift you above the clouds. Strain into the interior of her lovers world, Dream.

Dream, a fickle fellow. He sticks with you more than adventure does. Although he’ll remain elusive at times. Hard to summon up when you need him. He’ll fill you with hopes and promises, an opiate of a powerful persuasion until all your lines blur and grow fuzzy with Excitement, his devious brother. Before you know it you’re out of the clouds and Dream has passed you by. Only a distant memory that fades with each setting of the sun. And with that darkness comes Fear.

Fear, a misunderstood lord. For his peasants, Insecurity, Doubt, and Anxiety, often get confused with their king. Yet Fear rules with a guiding fist. He reveals your walls so you can press up against them and topple them down. Granted he may not be as forgiving as Dream, but it’s just because of his calloused reputation. Yet Fear still lusts after his lost love Hope.

Hope, the gentle caretaker. With one look, she banishes Fears peasants. A single touch-capable of re-imbuing the soul with her radiant light, and with a breath she breathes life into those who are lost. She’ll make you impervious to life’s vices and legions. A shield against the daggers of the dark. A faithful companion as long as you have Belief.

Belief, a lonesome trickster. Capable of leading even the most sincere astray with false Hopes of success. Yet if Belief can be worked with, rather than leaned upon exclusively, then true progress can be gained. He’s even capable of guidance with the help of Love.

Love, builder of the mosaic. Always working in the background and alongside her fellow emotions. Capable of crumbling empires or trumping the stoutest Fear. Love is capable of all. She’ll brush you off when you’re down, and then will show you how to deal with anything. She’ll show you the best sides of all her emotions. Giving you the strength needed to carry on toward whatever ends you have in sight. Be it traveling to a foreign far away land, or finishing out the day.

When you travel your closest companion is yourself. The bumps and turns down whatever path are just as much apart of your journey as the monuments you’ll see and the people you’ll meet. Going into whatever part of your life will be side by side with your emotions. They can elevate you into something that you never expected, or kill you in the dirt before you ever took your first step.

Words by Jeremy Parris // Photography by Johanna Mariel.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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