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Weekends & How They Can Remind Us Who We Are

After traveling for the past week, I am home alas. How bittersweet it is.

I love everything about traveling. I love packing. I love airports. I love living out of a suitcase. I love waking up in someone else’s house only to squint my eyes in the morning light, searching for familiarities that will help me remember where I am.

Traveling shakes us up & unsteadies our comfort. Traveling creates in us a more flexible disposition to life—if we allow it, of course.

But so it goes with much of life. Days carry on & we face the ever-before-us decision to let hard things harden us…or humble us—the choice to let heavy things strip us of joy…or strip us of that pride we never needed anyways.

I have found that life will stiffen us if we quit paying attention for too long. Roots of bitterness, jealousy, or defeat can so sneakily grow. Or perhaps just habits of busyness. Like walking zombies, we just meander through our daily routines, forgetting how miraculous & precious this one fast & fleeting earthly life is.

Rest is important.

Reflection is paramount.

Recollection of who we are becoming & what we are feeling is one of the most valuable rituals we can partake in.

Wild things they are, our minds & hearts. They are brilliantly yet dangerously wandering things. Let’s slow long enough to hear our heartbeats—ask deep enough questions of ourselves to uncover the undercurrent of our lovely or ugly emotions.

I have found that weekends are some of the best times to do this. A bit of intention can go a long way by saying “no” to some plans, in order to say “yes” to rest.

Let’s allow us sweet time to unwind & unravel our tangled minds. Because slow days can surely remind us who we are & who we are not.

Words by Abigail Green //  Photography by Jenieva Lebsack.

© 2015 Reef Magazine



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