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 So, you’ve got yourself a date. Naturally your first thought MUST be “What on earth am I going to wear?!” Am I right? You want your date to get a good impression of you. Your mind is racing and you can’t calm down. What do I say? What jokes do I tell? WHAT DO I WEAR? Well, I’m here to tell you that I can’t help you with what to say or what jokes to tell. I’m a rambler, I stutter, and frankly, no one laughs at my jokes. But I can help you with what to wear. I’ve put together an outfit for what I, Danica Mateo, would wear on a first date.

 First things first. Where are you even going? A movie? Dinner? A walk in the park? Blah blah blah? My suggested look is quite versatile. It’s effortless, simple, comfortable, yet classy. I’m not much of a dress girl so I pulled out a simple pair of black jeans because you can never go wrong with classic black jeans. They’re comfortable and modest, easy to put on, and can easily give off a casual OR classy vibe. Plus, they’re an easy go-to if you’re too lazy to shave, am I right, ladies?

 Next up. A top. Let’s say we’re going out for the evening. I wouldn’t choose a t-shirt because maybe that’ll be too casual for an evening date. Let’s jazz it up! I still like to keep it simple, so I chose a flowy, thin collared shirt. I kept it loosely buttoned to say, “Hey, I don’t take life too seriously. I’m chill, man.”  Hopefully, he gets that vibe. Plus, let’s be honest. If we’re going out to eat or going for a walk, I don’t want to be wearing something too tight.

 So I’ve got my pants on. I’ve got my top on. We’re almost ready! So far, so good. Maybe getting ready for a date isn’t so stressful! But wait. What if it gets cold out? What if it gets chilly in the restaurant? Or in the theater? What if I get a stain on my shirt?! I better bring a jacket. Naturally, I’ll grab my leather jacket because it’s a classic. It easily matches everything and it keeps me quite warm (as jackets tend to do). I think a classic black leather jacket is the perfect piece for a first date because it’s edgy and not too sweet. I like feeling mysterious and tough. If a leather jacket could talk, it would say, “Don’t mess with this girl! She knows what she’s doing.” There’s also something sexy and badass about leather. Think about your favorite badass character. What were they wearing? A turtleneck? I don’t think so. (No disrespect towards turtlenecks. I love them.)

 Now, on to the most important part of the outfit. The shoes.  What are the most appropriate shoes to wear for a first date? I’d say go with heels. I could wear jeans, a top, and a leather jacket any day. Usually, I’d throw on a pair of boots or Converse. But if it’s a special occasion and I’ve got someone to impress, that’s when you gotta bring out the heels! Since I’ll probably be nervous about tripping and falling in front of my date (which is actually likely), I settled for a less intimidating pair of heels. A simple black strap sandal with a chunky heel is perfect for a summery lunch date as well as a simple romantic dinner night.

 And WALA! I’m dressed and ready for my date. I tend to minimize the accessories usually, but feel free to have fun with them! Throw on a bracelet or a watch or maybe even a statement necklace. It’s all about your own taste. Have fun and good luck on your date!

 Have any first date stories? What did you wear? Was your date blown away by your beautiful dress or did you have a complete wardrobe malfunction? I want to hear your first date stories! Feel free to share below!

 All the love, xo


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