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Discovering Edinburgh: Travel Guide

tumblr_np14elQlpU1sbp4z2o2_1280 tumblr_np14elQlpU1sbp4z2o1_400There’s a first time for everything! Last week it was my first time on an airplane! It was also my first time traveling overseas without my parents. At the same time, it was my first time visiting Scotland. You could say that last week was a quite exciting one!

I’m currently doing English teacher training course. For this course, my fellow students and I, had to create a research project on any topic that we liked. The research had to take place in The UK or Ireland. We chose Scotland, and Edinburgh, in particular, for its beautiful nature and rich historical culture.

In Edinburgh you’ve got the old town (we stayed here), with the famous Royal Mile; the long street leading you to the castle on top of the hill. The view there is breathtaking. The old town is full of cosy pubs and little independent shops. There is even a little market within an old church. It’s called the Royal Mile Market and they sell a variety of handmade goods and tasty food! I would highly recommend taking a look in there if you happen to be in Edinburgh.

Then there’s the new town where all of you shopping addicts can find lovely gems. It’s the part of the city where you can do most of your shopping. Again, the architecture is very nice here because it is very similar to the architecture in the old town.

If you want some cultural experiences while you’re there, you’ve got plenty to choose from! There is live music in basically every pub, starting around 10 pm. The National Gallery of Scotland and The Scottish Museum are completely free to visit. (which is amazing for students on a budget) The museums have wonderful interiors and are lovely to wander through.

If you’re a massive Harry Potter geek, you can join the Potter Trail. The Potter Trail leads you through various parts of Edinburgh which are related to Harry Potter. The tour guide will talk about some magical facts and you even get a wand!

Interested in history and dying to know more about Edinburgh’s history? Mary King’s Close is a thrilling attraction! You get an underground tour through the old streets of 17th century Edinburgh.

Since we actually had to interview people for our research, we discovered how friendly the Scots are. They are very open and willing to talk and/or to help you if you have any questions. They are genuinely nice people and their accent is to die for! (well, in my opinion anyways!)

You could say that I fully enjoyed my time in Edinburgh, the city is absolutely gorgeous and the people are very friendly! I will definitely be visiting Edinburgh again; I’m even thinking about doing my masters degree there!

Lots of love!

Words & Photography  by Valerie Bogerd.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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