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Embracing the Right Perspective

This world is full of amazing, wonderful things, right? NO, it’s full of disasters and inevitable, petrifying death.

Which statement did you raise your eyebrow at? Which statement did you believe was completely wrong or absolutely right? Perhaps you chose that choice because of how your life is at the moment or how you’re feeling with recent situations.  With any response, you got from humanity yesterday or just a few hours ago, I’m sure it’s impacted you in some way – negatively or positively. Ultimately, you can never change what exactly is produced by a situation. However, you can be control of one thing, probably the only thing you are in absolute control of in life.

Your perspective.

We all see the world in various colors. We struggle as humans to have a different outlook on a situation when we already have one. There’s a tough barrier between positivity and negativity. Fortunately, we are able to “train” ourselves to slowly let our minds lean towards the more positive side. That’s if, you’re up for the challenge. We are allowed in this life to choose whether a situation allows us to grow or weaken. We need to accept that perspective changes everything. We need to accept that there is good in the bad and bad in the good. However, that depends on if we’re willing or not to learn to accept bad things in a positive light. Changing your mindset can fix a lot of your problems.

A few ways to change your perspective:

1.       Search for the good in every situation. Saturday nights, I dread Sundays. Only because after Sunday, is Monday. And Monday is when school starts. Lately, I have been taking Monday’s lightly, though. I try to remind myself that Mondays are great new starts to a productive week. It’s a week to start over and rejuvenate. You see, Monday’s aren’t the problem. It’s how we see “Mondays”. When we stop seeing Monday’s as, “Ugh, it’s Monday,” is when we earn something much greater than we had before. We are earning another positive situation in life because how we are choosing to see it.

2.       Don’t confine yourself. Constantly expecting the worse to happen will really dampen our perspectives. Soon enough, we want the bad to happen because we’re not used to wanting anything else. Also, making the good sound not as good as you know it is, hurts us. Just because we think something is inevitable to get worse, does not mean we have killed our spirits by thinking that way. Don’t say, “Well that’s great, but I won’t get my hopes up.” What is living without feeling everything fully? Give yourself happy times because you deserve them.

3.       Focus on something else. We can’t keep thinking about the things we can’t change. We can’t think about last year and cry ourselves to sleep every night because of it, because, first of all, that’s super unhealthy and second of all, we’re going to miss what good the present has to offer us. We can’t pass by the good things in life because we’re too worried about what happened or what may happen. I have been practicing “being in the moment” for a few weeks now, and I have to say that every time a situation turns bad, it is getting easier for me to handle. I found that I was missing out on so many different, exhilarating feelings that I have never felt before because I was living in the past. Realize that the past is unchangeable and focus on what is handed to you during the present. You’ll become much more grateful, happier, and more at peace with yourself.

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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