Speckle of Our Words
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A Letter To Him (Part 2)

And so it is true. I hated that night, that riveting night that sent thorns through my heart.

Those damned 12 months, a full year it took engulfed by your love, letting it poison my veins and blind my sight to let me breath once again.

For see, you taught me things no else cared to teach.

You taught me how to sin and be sinned against.

How to hate the very bones on which I stood and in return how to love every breath I sighed out.

How despair could fill forms never thought to be named love and how despair can be lost in the namesake of love.

You taught me how to fill every inch of my weaken down soul and embrace every thought filled word denied by your touch.

You taught me that four letter worded should never be forgotten.

You gave me the tools to climb higher and earn a dying self-respect one always deserves.

You taught me true pain. Pain formed in a different way.

You gave me hate sprouted from love.

You gave me






And true these words form from beautiful fingertips tracing the keys of your heart but I have let go of these memories made to haunt.

A Polaroid of us still hangs dangerous parading our lust on my wall

but this time when I see it a smile creeps up because although I hate your slimily terrible bones you taught me things no one else could think.

and for that I guess I think upon thanking you but in the end my words are too precious to be ever wasted on your blackened soul again.

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Ash Bishop.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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