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Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogging has become a huge craze all around the world. I, myself, have been sucked into the fashion blogging world and I love every minute of it. Since it’s been a year since I’ve created THE CITY WOLFF, I decided to celebrate its birthday and reminisce and share:

  • My experiences so far such as what I’ve gained from blogging.
  • My Do’s and Don’ts of blogging
  • Tips

I originally started as a fashion YouTuber with the (channel) name Danicanimal. I’ve always loved filming videos and editing them. I used to film my own music videos with my friends for fun when I was about thirteen years old (I’m turning 21 next month). After discovering fashion gurus on YouTube, I was instantly inspired and decided to go for it and create my own channel. Ever since then, I’ve been posting videos on YouTube as THE CITY WOLFF. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 that I created the BLOG for THE CITY WOLFF. Although it’s only been one year, I’ve grown a lot from starting this whole documentation of my style. I’m very happy to say that I’ve still got a lot more growing to do.

What I’ve Gained from Blogging

Before I started blogging I was sad. All the time. I was stuck in school with a major that I was going nowhere with. When I started filming videos and blogging, I felt so happy. Blogging brought me actual happiness because I was finally doing something that I enjoyed doing. Not only did I gain self-satisfaction, but also I’ve met friends through blogging. The fashion blogging world is full of connections and mutual followers. It’s been so great meeting other bloggers and knowing we have this one special thing in common, which is blogging. We can laugh and joke about things that “only bloggers would understand.” #NoFilter #BloggerProbs

Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to blogging, just be yourself. Post what YOU want to post because, in the end, that’s what’s making you happy. I’ve had my share of times where I’ve been discouraged and hesitant to continue blogging because I felt as if people won’t like what I post or people simply won’t care at all. But I learned that it would be pointless to stop doing something that I had fun doing, just because other people weren’t giving me good feedback. There will come times when you get a rude comment. That doesn’t matter either. Keep on blogging because it’s like a modern diary. You’re documenting for yourself. And that’s how I found to get the most out of fashion blogging.


My biggest DON’T would be not to compare yourself to others. Like I said earlier, I was inspired by other fashion bloggers and YouTubers to start my own blog and channel. My biggest problem (I still have this problem from time to time) is comparing myself to bloggers with much more followers than I have, more content than I have, and higher quality photos than I have. I would get really discouraged because I felt like my blog was not as good as others and never would be as good. But I didn’t keep in mind that great quality blogs don’t just happen overnight. You gain experience as you go, and figure out your blogging style as you go. Don’t compare yourself to another blogger, because chances are, your style is much different and no one is better than the other. Stay focused on your own blog and what you enjoy doing, and you’ll really get the best out of blogging.


Be consistent with your posts. People appreciate consistency. Don’t forget about your blog. Keep posting content for your followers to see. Once you disappear, people will be unsure if you’ll ever post again. It’s great to stay updated in your blog. It shows you care.

Stay simple. It’s easiest to keep your blog simple. Make sure everything is easy to find and easy to read. In the long run, I bet people will come back to your blog for more.

Use social media outlets. Connect your blog to all your other social media accounts! Link it to your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, anything else you can think of. The more outlets you use, the more your blog can be seen. It’ll help you get your content seen and appreciated.

Don’t rush your posts. If you’re not happy with a photo you took, or can’t think of what to write about for your blog post, don’t rush to finish a post you won’t be 100% proud of. Take your time to work on your blog and publish it when you’re proud to have it seen.

So if you’re inspired to start your own blog, I say go for it! Make it your own, have fun with it, and good luck!


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