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Lost in Love

The most beautiful girl is the one that I really love. Through all that beauty, I see her story and not a sadness. A story that I want to know everything about. It’s intoxicating and alluring. I can’t help but feel like a bee drawn to a magnificent flower. Sure I know that there are cracks and flaws. But those become a part of her beautiful story too. Her name is Jade Fiard. I still remember the first time that I saw her back in the radiant summer of 2013.

I was still in the beginnings of my real first adventure. I’d already seen London and Paris before I ended up in the Eden of Ireland. I found myself at Eclipse Activity Centre, the place of my occupation for the months to come. And oh what a place it was. I don’t think my heart will ever get over it.

After a bus trip and splendid car ride to the Centre, I remember going into the house and kitchen. A place that was then unfamiliar to me. She was sitting in a chair next to the counter across the room from me. Her hands at work masterfully making an apple crumble that we would later enjoy. The second that I saw her I knew that she would be my queen. Or at least I’d hoped it.

I told her hello and the most lovely french accent greeted me in return. It was at that moment that my love for her began. I dropped off my bag and returned to learn all that I could about her. A thing that I usually wouldn’t have the courage to do.

We spent the month together and the year apart without any large happenings. We remained friends while things were good and simple. Fate willed it, and we meet again in the summer of 2014. Both of us a little nervous for what might come.

We began to get all tangled up in each others lives ‘n souls. It’s a strange thing to fall in love while you travel though. For you never know what will happen when the trip is over and normalcy resumes. The day came and she departed and left. Leaving me only with a suitcase, headful of memories, and a promise of a return. Although things didn’t work out that way.

I ended up going to her in Paris instead. Where in a fit of passion we lived for ten days. Drinking deeply from love and wonder. We began to dream of a future together. One outside the walls of travel and constraints of time. Yet after our ten days together and another twist of fate I found myself prematurely back home in the U S of A.

While figuring out a way to get back together I began a pizza job and she continued hers. We Skyped almost every night and dreamed of a future back together. The decision was finally made that I would go to Paris with her. While we worked on getting a visa to one day get her back in the US with me.

So here I am now. Living in the city of love with Jade. Where we fill our time with walks through the streets and nights of bliss. It’s not something I’d ever have imagined coming to pass when I set out on my trip two years ago. And in many ways is the craziest thing that has happened to me. But I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Words by Jeremy Parris // Photography by Kelly Smith

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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