Speckle of Our Words
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A Letter to Him (Part 1)

The air was cool and haunting.
The wind cut crisp like a knife.
Dark and cold it was an October night.

Waves of hello and nervous giggles from first sight.

Fresh and new we kept strolling on.

Awkward and bright, the moonlight night cast a hopeful glow.

Mocking and tender,

the words beat straight, like those of a blading bite;

like that wind of the night, I first let love be a name.

Caught shivering from the winter air.

Escaping the deep thought of the night.

Torn open was my heart ready for no fight.

Your words entranced my lips.

Took my heart for a willful ride.

Sent a shiver down my spine.

Deep in tremor spilling secrets I thought never to share.

Biting back words I knew to be regretful, I added on reproach of a sinful forgotten slip of the tongue.

Yet none was of the present so I kept adding on.

Further and further we ran or so I felt

But here I was running without you giving a tender thought.

We watched my favorite movie and as the parts ran on and on

The faster you took the heart caught on my sleeve.

Slipping in and out of memory,

Simple conscience took flight.

I remember the night as clear as it bites.

Bitter never sweet, every word that followed cut so very deep.

You took me that night,

Heart wrapped sleeve in all;

Took me for granted never wondering about the fall.

I hated that night.

I still always will.

Because as I mounted the seat in the dark navy car with memories drawn since a baby blue eyed girl, the tears ran streaming with the conscience effort to forget every moment and silence the sobs.

I remember that night for those tears were putting up a haunting effort to forget.

Forget the trace of your back and the taste of your sinful lips biting mine.

To forever deny the feeling eating me up inside.

I hated that night because is rains so vividly in my mind,

Drips those clear crystal stars that painted the sky.

Can’t you see what that night did to my soul?

The air that bit, so cool and haunting, it bit at my fingertips, just as you did bite and claw at my heart.

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Ash Bishop.


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  1. Reblogged this on criminal in denial and commented:
    painfully & beautifully written, gives you an insight as to how it feels when you are being wronged and hurt by a boy. and the descriptions increase the vividness of the picture.

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