La (Anna)Belle Vie
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Today I was waiting for the bus and I felt the warm spring air against my cheeks. I put my earphones on, pressed play on my favorite playlist and I just stood there. I stared at the cloudless sky thinking about life and how sometimes there are just some little moments when you feel good. I stood there with the sun in my face and I felt good. I stood there and felt free. I stood there and I cherished that feeling of invisibility. Music has a way of blocking out the whole world around you. It has a way of making you let go and just think. It makes you have a little moment for yourself, a moment to appreciate.

So here is a little playlist for you all to enjoy wherever you may be…

  1. Big Jet Plane//Angus & Julia Stone
  2. I’m Coming Home//Skylar Grey (PART 2)
  3. Almost Lover//A Fine Frenzy
  4. Jolene//Miley Cyrus
  5. We Can’t Stop//Boyce Avenue ft. Bea Miller
  6. The World is Ours//Eleven Past One
  7. Bubble Toes//Jack Johnson
  8. Flashed Junk Mind//Milky Chance
  9. Mess is Mine//Vance Joy
  10. She Keeps Me Warm//Mary Lambert
  11. Blame it on Me//George Ezra
  12. I Love You//Alex & Sierra
  13. Stubborn Love//The Lumineers
  14. Fools//Lauren Aquilina
  15. What Would You Do//Bastille

So to that I say, take a deep breath, press play, stand there and enjoy the little moment of happiness that music can bring you.

Love you xx

– Annabelle

Photography by Annabelle.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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