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Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves

Greetings Reef readers! We’re currently in the process of transitioning into spring. Many of you may be on Spring Break or preparing for it. Spring time means beach time and throwing our coats to hide away in our closets until next winter. For some of us, the warm weather is hitting us with no warning.


Have no fear, THE CITY WOLFF is here! I’m from LA, so trust me; I’ve been sweating under the sun these past few days. So in order to prepare for the hot season to come, I’ve put together a list of spring wardrobe essentials. So grab your mug of your preferred iced beverage, dive into your closet, and let’s prepare for spring together!


The sun is coming out. So you need to protect your gorgeous eyes. Gather up your favorite shades and make sure you have them with you everywhere you go. Since I have a very angular and square face, I choose to gravitate towards circular lenses.

Tip: What shape is your face? 

If you have a square face like me, and see more straight edges in your face, try out some circle sunglasses. They’ll help tone down the angles in your face and compliment them really well. Rock a John Lennon look or become a literal heart eyes emoji with these looks.

If you have a rounder, curved edged face, go for the opposite! Try out some angular sunglasses to add some edge and angles. Go fierce with some cat-eye lenses and you’ll be styling for spring already.

 Sun Hats

So, you’ve got your sunglasses to protect your eyes. Maybe you’ll need a hat to protect your face too! A wide brim hat will do the job. Sun hats are perfect for spring, whether you want to protect your face out on the beach, or just want to add a hint of boho chic style to your look! A floppy wide brim hat never fails to add those warm weather vibes to your spring look.

 Crochet Tops

A light and easy crochet top is one of my favorite pieces for spring/summer. It’s light and airy, giving me so much comfort.

Tip: Go for cropped crochet tops. 

Since knits tend to get a little heavy, crop tops are helpful so you don’t carry too much weight from a knitted top. A tank top or halter crochet top will also help you stay cool during the spring.

  Loose High-Waisted Bottoms

I’m a huge fan of boyfriend jeans. They’re comfortable and easy to style in any weather. A light wash pair of denim bottoms is necessary to keep the color in your outfits light for spring! If you plan on wearing a lot of crop tops during the spring, high-waisted bottoms are your perfect match to complete your outfit. They’ll help you show off your midriff, but help you maintain some modesty. If you don’t feel like wearing a crop top, no problem! Wear any top you want, just tuck it into your boyfriend jeans and you’re good to go. If the spring day is getting a little too warm for jeans, try out a pair of baggy high-waisted shorts. They’ve got the look of the boyfriend jeans, but they’re just shorter. Both pairs of bottoms are a must in my closet.


It’s still important for me to have a cover up when it gets chillier at night.  On the warmer days, it won’t be too cold, so a light kimono is the perfect piece to keep handy. Kimonos are fun and flow gracefully in the wind, adding some elegance to your summery look.

Tip: Try on a floor length kimono. 

For simple outfits like shorts and a light top, a long kimono that drapes down to the floor creates a great statement. It’ll give the illusion of a maxi dress in the back while keeping your casual look in the front.

 Bell Bottoms

Throwing it back to the 70’s. Bell-bottoms are my current spring obsession. They’ve been coming back into trend for quite some time now. They’re great for when you want to have long flowy bottoms, but don’t want to be confined in a maxi skirt. In casual bell-bottoms, your legs will have room to move around but still have that flowy flare! They’re the perfect boho pants and they just scream “spring!” When I wear bell-bottoms, I like to keep the long and lanky look. I would throw on a long flowy t-shirt and I’m good to go. Bell-bottoms are versatile and can be adapt to many different styles and look great!

So, we’ve reached the end of the list. I hope this helped you take one step closer in preparing for spring! Here’s to enjoying the warm weather to come, and good luck transitioning your wardrobe from warm and cozy to light and summery. I’d love to hear how you’d style all these pieces and what’s on your spring wardrobe essentials list! Feel free to leave your comments and questions and I’ll connect with you soon.

Happy Spring!





  1. Wait was there a picture of the crochet top? Didn’t see it. Anyway, very nice advice. And for some people, like me, who have no idea what to do in warm weather, very useless advice as well. Usually I do sunnies as my statement spring/summer accessory, so I might need to stop by eBay soon and update my stash haha.

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