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About Painting

When the words fail you and the feelings get too intense, when it is impossible for you to write down what’s happening in your head, when you feel distraught, abashed, confused: pick up a brush and let colors wander aimlessly on a canvas.

Let the story unravel itself through the colors and the mindless brushes. Let your feelings become art. All thoughts of making it somehow pretty or easy on the eyes must vanish, it is a moment of expression and you’re doing it for yourself and no one else.
Let your heightened feelings blow up in colors. Nothing should matter if not for the brush in your hand and the emotions going through your body . It is by losing yourself in this world full of possibilities and void of stress and pressure, that you will find the peace you sought all along.
There will be no more good or bad. Matters will be in your hands.
If you struggle with communication, let it become your own personal language. Paint shapes and forms, paint a portrait, hide the depth of your soul in it, or make your feelings crystal clear. All the things you would never say out loud. Everything you are too afraid to share, too ashamed of having done. All your regret and love, put it in your art. Let it flow out of you with no harness. Speak tones through shades of red or blue. Lay yourself bare on your canvas. Paint your lover. Paint your daily struggles. Paint your anguish and watch it get transformed into something beautiful by the means of your hands.
You are creating something with your heart and your soul. You are creating something that belongs to you and only you.
Enter the « alpha » zone. This special concentration phase that will leave you only partially conscious to the world surrounding you; Immerse yourself into your art and let yourself be ruled by your unconsciousness. Your mind focus on what’s being created and your energy will be transmitted to your art. No minutes ticking by. No voices in your head. Just your soul and your hands. You must forget everything and just create. You’re not doing this with a goal in mind. You’re doing this for yourself.
By detaching yourself from reality for a few hours, you’ll be doing more good to your body and soul than you think. You will be stimulating your creativeness, and develop your expression capability. The process of painting also helps in the self-discovery area: through the making of your creation, you’ll be able to identify your feelings. Think of the time spent alone painting as rendez-vous with your soul. A few hours spent in solitude takes your thoughts and feelings into account above anyone else’s. You get to explore your personality in depth and the more time you get to know yourself, the more you’ll understand your worth.
“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”  
― Pablo Picasso
“Painting reflects. It kills you in a colourful shower of emptiness. Flatness. Randomness. And beauty. Yes, it is the most pure beauty I have ever felt in my life.” 
― Nigel Tomm
Painting is for you and you only.

Words by Rochana Chalhoub // Photography by Karlie Pickett



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