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Have you ever thought, how many faces you have seen? People from your town and country, from other nationalities. Smiling faces, sad faces, angry ones or those, who cannot control their laugh. Sometimes I think of all those strangers I‘ve seen and I know that, most of them, I‘ll never see again. But who knows?

Everyone is walking, carrying their life story on their shoulders. By the look on their face, you can tell how their day has gone. Smiley faces make me smile even wider, but frowning faces make me feel guilty for feeling happy.  So many different features and they are all beautiful and unique. Strangers, who you see for a few seconds and later in the day you have already forgotten their faces. Some you‘ll never see again, while others you may find yourself together in no time.

The image of your lover. You have either found them or still looking for them in the crowds. They might look for you as well. Their face – the first thing you want to see in the morning when you wake up. Their eyes are your true mirror. The features you learn to love more and more as time passes.

I think of my friends. Sometimes I imagine that there is some kind of force that brings people together. And by “people“, I mean – all those who need each other, so that they life can go on in the right way. That‘s how I feel toward my friends. They are those pieces, who are part of my system and I reach to them in need and happiness. In our bad days, we come together as a whole. I can see them when I close my eyes. The face of every one. I have remembered their features, how wide their smile is and the sound of their voice. Each smile brings a memory. Ones a stranger on the street or the new kid in class, later to have become part of my life.

Do you remember the faces of those who had hurt you? I certainly do. I remember their eyes, who were full of joy every time they make me feel worthless. Unfortunately, it seems that I‘ll never forget their words, who were feeding my self-consciousness. Nowadays, those faces are nothing but ghosts from the past and that‘s how it should be. And I stopped being scared of them once I grew up and learned the importance of my own happiness.

The face of my mother. The only person in this world, who I know for sure that truly loves me. The mother is the most powerful person in this world. The one, who will always take you back no matter what you have done. The one, who you will always go back to when you are missing love. Her face. Those eyes – they‘ve seen more than you know, they‘ve seen your life. And the wrinkles under them from sleepless nights and cries of joy and sadness. Her smile that appears every time she sees you. The lips, simply saying, “I love you“.

When we look at the face, we look the person in the eyes. That’s where the soul is hidden, that’s where the stories are, and sometimes when those feelings can’t be held any longer – we cry. The face doesn’t need a mask or makeup products. It simply needs a smile.  So many faces and you are one of them. Your eyes have meaning for those you meet every day and what they show is up to you.

So, is there a smile on your face at this very moment?

Words by Nelly Krasteva // Photography by Juliette Bélanger


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