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Ways To Feel Energized After School

School drains us like nothing else. I believe we all know that feeling of wanting to fall into bed right after coming home from a long day. Nothing else seems more heavenly at that moment then your sheets. However, if you want to be productive and use your time to the best of your abilities, here are a few things to keep you awake and feeling more active when school ends.
  1. Get some rest. I don’t mean sleep for a few hours and wake up for dinner just to fall asleep again right after. A little nap can go a long way. Set an alarm either on your phone or on a clock to go off in 25 minutes. And when it goes off, have a little self-control to actually wake up (that’s the hard part for me). Sit up in bed, stretch, and get up to do whatever you have planned. You won’t be groggy and it’ll be a nice energy booster for the rest of the day.
  2. Eat whole foods. Confused on what to fuel up on? Come home and cut up some fruit (any fruit you’d like, really. I love to just grab any fruit we have that day) to throw in a bowl of greek yogurt. You can drizzle some honey and toss a few nuts into it if you’d like. I sometimes come home and just pour some granola into a bowl of yogurt, too. Carrot fries are also one of my favorites, but these take some time to make. Set your oven to 425 before you start. Simply slice a carrot into a shape of a fry, not too thick and not too small, and coat them in a little bit of coconut oil. Sprinkle sea salt, pepper, and whatever spices you like on them. Bake them for 13 – 20 minutes, depending on how crispy you’d like your fries.
  3. Drink water. Water is so vital to our beings; we may feel tired if we are even a little dehydrated. Pour a glass of water to drink right when you get home to hydrate your body. Drink a few more glasses of water that afternoon and night. You can add some blackberries and lemons to your water for taste.
  4. Get moving. You may think that exercise would tire your body even more, but it’ll do the exact opposite. Get your blood pumping and oxygen to your brain to boost endorphins. Taking a simple walk outside is enough to re-energize your body. You can even take your dog with you or your camera. Try a 30-minute exercise after that cat nap you just took after coming home. It doesn’t have to be cardio or anything too strenuous. Yoga is nice too and there are so many follow-along videos on YouTube to teach you new moves.
  5. Take a shower and a few breaths. I’m sure water will wake you up a bit, especially if you want to totally dive in and take a cold shower. But if you’re not feeling that, spend around ten minutes in a warm shower and take a few deep breaths in and out. Breathing will help bring oxygen back to your brain and the water will make you feel more wide-awake.

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Lee Ann Wiemers


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