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Spring Fever

Spring is just around the corner! And thank God, because spring is arguably the greatest time of the year. After several months of brutally cold temperatures, shoveling mountains of snow, coffee turning cold on your walk to class, and desperately trying to avoid black ice on the sidewalks, it’s a relief to welcome spring and the warm weather it brings. So, are you ready for spring? Here are a few fun tips on how to be!

Pack away (most of) your winter clothes and plan a shopping spree (as if you need an excuse to go shopping again). Fill your closet with brighter colors, exotic and floral patterns, and spring shoes that make your legs look great in a pair of skinny jeans or patterned shorts.

Get a haircut for a fresh new look. I prefer to keep my hair shorter during the spring and summer months because it’s less maintenance and looks effortlessly beachy with just a little mousse. I suggest keeping it just long enough to tie it up in a ponytail or bun.

Get some fresh air and soak up the long-forgotten UV rays (be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen, though!) by spending more time outside. Now that it stays lighter later, you have no excuse not to! If you have a deck, enjoy your morning coffee and oatmeal outside. Go for a walk, run, or bike ride after school or spread your art supplies across your driveway or trampoline and get lost on a project for hours beneath the warm sun. There’s no denying that exposure to natural sunlight has a surplus of physical and mental benefits, but I can’t stress it enough, please protect your skin by wearing sunscreen! The SPF in your foundation is not enough.

Some fun outdoor activities to do with friends include: mini golf, drive-in movie theatre, downtown shopping, amusement parks, hiking, and outdoor picnics in the local park.

Now, log off Tumblr and make the most of sunnier days, warmer temperatures, chirping birds, and the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers that spring so generously brings.

Words by Kristina S. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger


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