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The Art of Finding New Music

Do you ever get a text from a friend who’s telling you to go check out a new song, only to find yourself 2 hours later with no iTunes money and a slew of new tunes? There is an art to finding new music and whether it is an old record or brand new single, there is a euphoria in finding a new song or discovering a new artist and being able to play them on repeat until your ears bleed. That album / song for the next two days, two weeks, or two months becomes the soundtrack to your life. We attach new memories or reminisce on old ones with every tune delightfully played.

Now-a -days there are a million different ways to listen to music that isn’t just restricted to the iTunes library on your nano. Below I have shared with you some of my personal favorites sources of music for finding the perfect song.

  • Soundcloud: Best for remix’s and covers of songs.
  • Rdio/Spotify: For a bit of money once a month, you get access to their whole musical library with everything from Drake to Mozart, they usually have it all.
  • Shazam: The app that listens to a song playing and then gives you the info of the artist name and title of the song. Best for the radio and public outings.
  • iTunes/Amazon: The mega library of all music, where one can download MP3’s to their Apple or androids devices. Also, the likely culprit of the 20$ that keeps disappearing from your bank account each month (thanks iTunes).

I truly believe there is an art to discovering new music or a new artist. There is nothing better than when you discover new fresh talent before everyone else does, and then suddenly such artist wins 4 Grammys (ehm, Sam Smith). A least for a little while, those songs carry all of your secrets, your dreams,  hopes, tears and capture them all in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Let us know how you prefer to listen to your music, do you like to shop for records or surf the web to find those new tunes? Below I have kindly listed some of my favorite songs at the moment and attached a playlist for you to jam out too! xx

Running Behind // HOLYCHILD
Believe // Mumford & Sons
When I Get My Hands On You // The New Basement Tapes
Kansas City // The New Basement Tapes
Love Me Like You Do // Ellie Goulding
Electric Feel  // Henry Green (MGMT Cover)
Mercury // Conner Youngblood
Don’t Wanna Fight // Alabama Shakes
I Told You I Was Mean // Elle King
Slow It Down (Live) // Lumineers
Say You Love Me // Jessie Wire
Shiver // Lucy Rose
Crazy // Kat Dahila
Rosie // The Lowest Pair
Let it Go // James Bay
All the Pretty Girls // Kaleo
Blame It On Me (live) // George Ezra
Emeralds // Letts
Stay Low // Ryn Weaver
Miracles // Coldplay

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Lee Ann Wiemers



  1. nostalgicnebula says

    I love listening to playlists to fit my mood on 8tracks. It helps me discover new songs that are similar to the artists I like and they get me in the mood to do certain things lime working out or doing homework :)

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