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The Little Girl Behind The Big Coat

Hello my dears, and welcome to my column! I’m Danica and my goal is to reach out to all of my readers around the world and really connect with each and every one of you.  As I was growing up, I had a hard time figuring out who I was and what I was going to do with my life. I never knew what I was good for. I never knew if I was good at anything. I didn’t pay attention to what things made me happy.  It wasn’t until I was out of high school and halfway through college that I realized what my underlying passion really was:


I really have a love for the art of styling and being my own person through dressing myself.  I believe that a person’s outfit can really bring out someone’s personality and if I’m being real, first impressions really do matter!

So who am I? And why am I here?

 I’m just a little girl from a small town in Los Angeles, California with a desire to travel the world one day and pursue my love for documenting my style values.  I’m here because I want to share what influences my personal style and what inspires you guys to wear what you wear! I don’t want my column to solely be revolved around myself. I want to be involved with my readers.

 So what exactly are my style values? I like to think of myself as a minimalist. I value minimalistic fashion and monochrome themes. I like to believe that ‘less is more.’ There’s something so classy about a clean and simple outfit. Being so minimal, my goals are to have an edgy factor or even just one highlight of an outfit that ties everything together: something that shows that I’m fashionable, not boring.

 To identify your style values, think about this question:

What qualities are important [to you] to be fashionable?

 The most important qualities to be fashionable, to me, are comfort, confidence, and charisma.  I feel my best when I’m comfortable with the addition of some confidence and charisma.

 What are your style values? Your physical style can show off the beautiful/funny/daring/romantic, etc!- person that I know you are! Everyone’s style values are different, and the term ‘fashionable’ means something different to everyone all around the world. Embrace your style. Now it’s time to work it.

 Nice to meet you all, and please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts and questions! I’ll connect with you all soon!





  1. nostalgicnebula says

    Hi, just read your column and I can’t wait for you to write more posts! I was wondering how you went about getting the column at Reef? I would love to do something like you for an online magazine and I’m just curious as to how you got into writing for such a great online magazine like Reef. Thanks :)

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    • citywolff says

      Hi there! I’m so happy that you enjoyed my column, especially since it was my very first article. It means so much to me, so thank you. That’s a great question. I suppose for me, it just took time. It’s crazy because Reef magazine initially followed me on Instagram. I followed them back immediately and I loved their aesthetic and everything that they posted so I had been planning on contacting them myself in the future. Eventually, Reef magazine contacted me directly offering me a position as a columnist and photographer for the magazine, and of course I had to accept! I was so happy. Now here I am, writing my very first articles! I just jumped right into it!

      All I can say is that Reef magazine definitely revolves around getting talent around the world SEEN. It’s amazing! It’s super easy to submit your own work to Reef and have it posted. There’s so many talented people out there, and I’m sure you’re one of them. Reef would love to see your work, I’m sure! Send something in and post your work freely for people to see! People will notice your passion and you’ll definitely get great rewards from it if you truly love what you do!

      Wish you the best!

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      • nostalgicnebula says

        thank you for replying💘I think I will write an article and submit it to Reef, thanks! do you have a blog I could follow?

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