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Whispers To The Stars

Airplanes can be scary to some, or just plain detestable to others. From being miles away from the concrete floor, to the long journey spent in the same seat, airplanes aren’t exactly people’s favorite place to spend time at. But it is such a shame how often the magic feeling procured by being in this giant bird gets ignored or unnoticed.

2:06am – Hundreds of stars are decorating the black canvas. You’d think I was exploring the Milky Way. How I wish I could have gotten a picture of the infinity in which I was confined. The sky sparkled like never before, and I felt it deep in my bones. The preciousness of what’s surrounding you is overwhelming to the point of a near breakdown. It seems like everything else in the world disappeared but the sky full of stars and yourself. You feel infinite. And there is this mantra going round and round in your head, you feel like screaming it for the gods to hear: I am a part of the universe. I am made of the universe. I am the universe.

5:28am – Rays of soft colors are showing themselves. A flower of light is blossoming in the pale blue sky for all to see; for the troubled souls, for the lovers melting into each other’s arms, for the early risers, for the dreamers of the day. Beams of pink and orange are slowly appearing, the colors are dancing together une valse à 3 temps. One, two, three repeat. And then the tempo speeds up. Lights are taking the whole sky; all traces of a blushing sky have disappeared. The night sky said it’s goodbye and you can’t help feeling bereft. This special moment shared with the heavens is coming to an end. People are gradually waking up and you’re slowly becoming aware of your surroundings. Gone is the magic that comes with darkness, and gone are some of your sorrows.

Being up there isolated from the rest of the world, there is no more time to waste, no more decisions to take; no harm is done to you in the sky. It’s just clouds and wind. All alone in the big sky, a certain feeling of comfort envelops you like a big, fluffy blanket. You feel at ease, at peace. For a few hours, you are untouchable. You are lost in your own world. There is no right from wrong. You just feel. You are floating with nothing to tie you down. The moon caresses your face. The stars get in your eyes. Love blooms in the night and you bloom along with it.

So next time you jump on a plane, relax and let the magic unfold. Give yourself a break, turn off all kind of stressful thoughts and feel. Flying is great. Flying is wonderful. And like Leonard da Vinci said:

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Words by Rochana Chalhoub // Photography by Juliette Bélanger


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