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Feeding Your Soul

Your soul is a precious thing, one that feeds your life, inspires the ground you walk on. Soul is defined as the immortal part of a human being, something that lives on forever; to feed your soul is to fill it up with love, to fill it up with inspiration and joy by doing what you love. It is that twinkle in your eye, the fire burning in your soul inspired by all that life has to give. So here are just a few ways to feed your soul and gift your inner psyche.
  1. Films & Novels – Films and novels are two of the best ways to stimulate the soul. Watching people on-screen, actors and actresses  can transform novel length scripts into brilliant characters that can smile, and warm our hearts or bring tears to the eyes. These are the classics, nurturing your soul with complex storylines or challenging your mind to interpret Faulkner’s convoluted language. Dramatic cinema can nurture even the most dejected of souls. The design of great American literature and the black and white slides from the most classic screen members can help to put an extra jump in your step, make you dream a little bit higher and work a little bit harder. And for those few moments you get the gift being lost in someone else’s world.
  2. Travel & Adventures – Immersing yourself in another culture, experiencing new food, letting your eyes feast on entirely new visions fosters your inner self. Racing down the street soaking wet from the pouring rain, letting your soul run free. Experiencing new emotions, smelling the scent of fresh pine. Waking up on a river bend after sleeping a night in the forest. Climbing taller mountains, driving hours to find new destinations, new promises. By allowing your soul, your mind and body to experience new things it allows growth and gives excitement to your life. Adventures are what sets the soul free and allow it to roam the everlasting realms of the earth.
  3. Museums Theatre & Photography  Treating yourself to a day at the museum, a trip to watch a performance at the local theatre, a night spent at a concert; all gifts your spirit and gives a luxe feeling to your senses and mind. Visiting exhibits at your local museum, supporting artists who inspire and speak to the truth of a generation; this sort of culture is a luxury and an experience. Gift yourself experiences, they nurture your spirit far more than any price tag ever could.
  4. Humans – People are by far the most inspirational of all. Think about the people you surround yourself with, those in your life, they are the ones that cause warmth, happiness, good energy; all of this can feed your soul, and make it finer. There are people’s stories who inspire millions or maybe there is just one person, your mother or best friend, people whom you look up. They feed your soul and also define the best and worst of you.
  5. What You Love – Doing what you love truly feeds your soul. The best gift in life is the ability to spend every day doing what you love, such as an individual’s choice to work hard to achieve their goals. The best way to feed your soul is to spend every day fighting for your passion and making your dreams become a reality. No matter what it is if you have something that sparks your interest, anything that makes your eyes light up when you preach about your joy, pursue it. Not only will your soul thank you, but you will become a more wholesome, happier being.

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger


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