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Clear Your Mind

Words by Valerie Bogerd //  Photography by Anna L.

The world is rushing by. Around you everything is hectic. Find your inner peace and clear your mind. Doze off with this soothing playlist. You can find this playlist here!

  1. medicine // the 1975
  2. hazy // rosi golan ft william fitzsimmons
  3. a lack of colour // death cab for cutie
  4. in my veins // andrew belle (ft. katie hezig)
  5. where is my mind // sunday girl
  6. mad sounds (acoustic) // arctic monkeys
  7. boyfriend (cover) // marina and the diamonds
  8. bloom // the paper kites
  9. only one (cover) // sarah close
  10. high (cover) // sarah close
  11. desire // years & years
  12. don’t let me go // harry styles
  13. my mistakes were made for you // the last schaduw puppets
  14. chocolate (acoustic) // the 1975

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