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How To Catch Some Zs

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

Sleep is a wonderful thing for most people and a super common subject to talk about, especially for students. Waking up and feeling like you never slept at all is how most of us feel on the weekdays. Those days were you feel well rested are one of those simple moments in life to live for. Hours of homework, studying, and other activities after school usually take up most of our time, including our beauty sleep. Here’s a few ways I catch up on my sleep and feel rested in the morning:

1.       Cat Naps. I was never too fond of sleeping, I thought it wasted time. When I started high school, however, sleep was constantly on my mind. I found that squishing 27 minutes of sleep into my schedule was super important. I managed to squeeze in 27 minutes of my time into my crazy schedule and it’s made a huge difference in my mood and school work. 27 minutes should be enough time for your body to regain energy and not make you feel groggy.

2.       Replace coffee with fruit. Fruit is a carbohydrate, meaning it will give you energy.  In the morning I’ll usually throw in strawberries and blueberries into my oatmeal or yogurt. While I finish my schoolwork at home I keep a bowl of kiwi, mango, and peaches handy to eat if I start feeling sleepy. It’s amazing the boost of energy fruit will give you. I suggest you try It out, because I was iffy at first, also, but can’t stay away from fruit now.

3.       Drink more water. It’s as simple as that. Water seems to be good for everything and everyone at all times of the day. Keep a water bottle around you at all times, and a drink few of those everyday to really hydrate your body. You can also throw in some fruit if you don’t like the taste of water.

4.       Fall asleep the right way. I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, praying that the clock won’t say 6:00 AM. Waking up at 2:00 AM or 3:00 isn’t doing you any good, either. I find that falling asleep is an art. It is a very particular art, too. What you do before bed can affect your sleep greatly. An hour before sleeping is when you should draw the line for any physical activities. You can work on homework (save the stressful homework for before and the homework you kind of know/do know how to do for before bed), read a book (it could be your own book, a book for class, or a magazine), paint your nails, or take a shower. Try eating lighter foods, too. Have a routine to go through (i.e. get into some comfortable clothes, have some herbal tea,  finish up your skin care routine, brush your teeth, set your alarm, etc.), have an outfit ready for tomorrow, and have your bag together all in one place. Try listening to more calming, quiet music. Make sure your room is cool and that your environment is clean, because a messy room always seems so stressful to sleep in for me. Charge your phone (place it under your pillow or on your nightstand. Don’t go back on it, and if you do, make sure your screen light is turned all the way down), turn off your lights, and climb into bed. Try this every night for a week and see what a difference it makes.

I hope you all feel well rested in the morning – even school days. Some days it’s better to just put your homework away and sleep, because your own health should come before anything.


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