Fictional Stories
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A Wishful Memory

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

It is mid April on a Saturday morning, as I roll over on my crisp cotton sheets my eyes slowly begin to creep open letting the sunlight peer across the sheets and reflect a shadow of lace on the wall opposite my bed. I sit up stretching my aching bones allowing the sun to say good morning to the weary smile spread across my face. I fumble around for a moment looking for my phone to check my messages. Two texts left unread from the night before and one from my best friend. She wrote to ask what time I would pick her up. Earlier that week we had made plans to go on an adventure for the day. As I climb out of bed and reach open my windows the morning sun and cool crisp breeze escape through the cracks.

An hour later I am honking my horn at my friends front door. As she gets in she makes a mention that my rundown, beat up car is making the same old creaking noise again. She laughs and says it almost comforting, it’s the sound of old memories and new ones yet to be made.  Sitting in the cup holders are two giant iced coffees and the best of the spice girls CD. Jammed into the almost broken CD player, 5 girls come singing through the speakers and we are off. A road trip taken together to escape the clammed and mundane routines of suburban life. We are headed to a secret swimming hole I found earlier that year. The weather was just warm enough to go for a dip and enjoy the short glimmer of spring we so rarely get. Windows down screaming the lyrics to some oldies, I felt infinite as if nothing could touch us and happiness was all we had.

It is then that we pull onto the outskirts of the swimming hole that I see there covered with rocks beautiful water. It was the perfect way to detox from life. The sun is glistened down upon the milky green sea making a shimmering light cast across my friends face. We spent hours talking and swimming, taking ridiculous photos and making memories that will last a lifetime. Without keeping watch of time the sun began to set and the light began to dim, 9pm my watch read, but we were too caught up in planning our futures together, huddled in the only blanket we thought to bring to even bother caring about the hour. Looking up the stars were as bright as the sun, clouding the sky, lighting up the night. A sliver of the moon sat cautiously in the corner protecting us with its glowing shadow; and just for a moment everything seemed to sit still. Time slowed down for us to capture the memory taking all of our troubles and letting them run through our finger tips away to the stars; it felt as if nothing bad could ever happen then.

And as we drove home across the winding roads, journeying back to reality I felt at peace. As if all the stress of life and school, friends and family was gone and left in place was only a yearning for more. This desire to explore and experience was clear; and during that Saturday night in mid April there was a wishful memory, a future yet untold and an excitement ready for all the adventures yet to come.


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