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On The Spotlight: Two Sourced

Words by T.D // Photography by Two Sourced

Author’s Note: I stumbled across Two Sourced on Instagram a few months ago. Their clean and fresh photos really caught my eye, along with the stunning jewelry they were creating. Their business seems to be getting larger just in the months that I’ve been following them, which is fabulous. They deserve all the attention they can get. All of their pieces are absolutely stunning. They carry a theme of both elegance and industrialism. The color scheme of the store  ranges from neutrals to light pinks with metal pieces on each item. Not only is their jewelry hand crafted and beautiful, but it’s affordable too. I would strongly suggest checking out both their store and Instagram in the social media links below.

How did you come up with the name “Two Sourced”?


Two Sourced as a name for us is both representational and functional. It stands for the two of us as creators and also signifies our constant curiosity to discover and source new things, experiment with materials and create new pieces.

What first got you interested in crafting jewelry?

It was really only a matter of time. We have both always had a huge interest in jewelry personally and that mixed with our professional backgrounds and love for all industrial items meant that it was just a natural progression.
We had been looking to create more of an accessory range but once we started experimenting with jewelry and were happy with the results we kept going.

How is a handmade piece special to you?


There are so many positive elements to owning a handmade piece. There is the knowledge that it was designed by us, made by our own hands and then also styled and sold using our own creative input too. You also gain a special feeling knowing an item, such as for our Two Sourced, that an item is locally made and distributed.

Do any other artists influence you?

For sure! Anyone from other jewelers or brands to photographers and stylists. We really seek to pull inspiration and influence from a dynamic and broad range of backgrounds.

Where do you get your inspiration for the pieces from?


Our biggest form of inspiration tends to be the industrial world as well as images, vignettes and pieces that we come across during our day-to-day working and social lives. Our backgrounds in both architecture and styling play a huge role in what we create and even how we go about presenting and styling it. We tend to look at materials, composition and the way a piece will look once it’s sitting on someone.

How do your personal styles relate to your design style?

For any brand aesthetic you really need to enjoy what you make and the way it looks. For us, our personal style is very reflective within the pieces we make and also complementary we want to be able to wear them too!
We both love natural fibers, cottons, linens, leathers and our jewelry is a direct response to that.

 Would you like to branch out into more than just tumblr_njo2a7BU7o1sbp4z2o2_1280accessories one day?

We would love to move into housewares and house furnishings but for now our focus is on refining and expanding our jewelry and accessories range and working on some exciting, new projects.

Where do you find yourself most creative?

Out and about, trawling stores, blogs and books, being surrounded by other creative, hardworking and supportive people. It’s such a dynamic mix of things that influence how we feel creatively.
It’s not a straight line process either, you really have to accept that some days and times you feel more creative and charged than others, and that’s okay!

How does your workplace affect you?


The only real hindrance between our separate workplaces and Two Sourced is time. In saying that, some areas of the work we both do outer Two Sourced can actually be quite complimentary.
As all our pieces are handmade by the two of us, we require quite a bit of hands on time and also additional time to work on other aspects of the brand as well as day-to-day maintenance. We also work different schedules so it can get a bit hairy when things are getting busy, but we love a challenge, a deadline and we’re natural multi-taskers!

How do you use social media to your advantage?

We aren’t huge social media fiends…. yet! We run our website as a way to display and sell our pieces and also use Instagram as a way to communicate with our followers, whether it be an upcoming pop-up store we have or showing new pieces or behind the scene snapshots. We’d love to move into blogging in the future and sharing our knowledge, however at the moment it just isn’t our main focus.

Follow them on Instagram, their website, or their Etsy shop.


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