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Friendly Reminders for the Week Ahead

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

1. The sun will always come out, even if it is hidden behind some dark grumbling clouds.

2. Winter will soon pass, and the air will soon warm your soul. Until then, cherish the warm sweaters and hot coffee.

3. There is nothing wrong with being single. Just because some people may be in love or in a relationship does not automatically mean your life sucks. When someone asks if you are in a relationship reply,”Yes, in a relationship with myself and I am very happy thanks.”

4. If you find yourself feeling lonely this week, call up your friend or go grab coffee with your mom. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that you are loved.

5. No matter how stressful school is and no matter how stressful your life may get, do not let your happiness get lost in the amount of papers due next week or in a long To Do list. Take a step back and remember to breath, it will all work out I promise.

6. Chocolate and Netflix is always the answer.

7. Hating Valentines Day can be just as awesome. Make some fun single cards and give them to your friends. Valentine’s is not just a celebration of relationships with your partner, it is a celebration of all love.

8. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

9. In time you will get there, do not try to rush life and forget where you are in the moment. You will find the perfect job, you will get into a good school, you will find a boyfriend but don’t get so lost in trying to find something that you forget where you are at the moment.

10. Give yourself credit, for going that extra mile on the paper, for remembering to call your grandma, for doing things that might make you uncomfortable. It is the little things that count, try not to let them go unnoticed.


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