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Alteration on Beauty

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

We as a society, as a teenage society, as a global universe, are consumed by a world of reflective glass; a mirror we look into daily. If not the three we have sitting in our rooms, or the camera app on any smartphone, we see a mirror in other people eyes. Today’s society of 2014 seems to be obsessive over change, changing they way we look; our world is constantly advancing in technology with new ideas. Now while there is nothing wrong with change, in fact I believe it is good no matter what; I have started to notice that people are altering themselves physically. We are trying to change our physical appearance to appeal to a greater audience. Appeal to the nine letter word, that has become a discussion of late and always, the word beautiful. Now I know so many girls, people, role models, touch upon this topic, but it cannot be reiterate enough. The effects of societies view on ‘beautiful’ causes so many girls, my own age, even older, to try to change themselves.

What rooted this thought for me was the fact that since I was a freshman in high school, I have had bad skin. I was always jealous and made multiple comments on women or girls with beautiful skin. I would wear foundation and concealer everyday out of the house to cover up the red marks and terrible bumps across my face. Until one morning I woke up and realized why the hell am I doing this? Everybody has skin problems and I promise you, people have their own acne, they are way to busy to notice the huge zit on your forehead. So I stopped wearing so much makeup, there are weeks I go without it all together. I found myself literally wishing I had different genes and trying to change my chemical makeup by washing my face 2x a day. Trying all these special creams and being so rough on my skin was all because we are taught acne is nothing beautiful.

So this is what I mean by change. We see ads daily, telling older women to dye their hair so to hide the grey in their hair, or buy 300$ creams to reduce aging. I mean for god sake’s we all age. Ever single person gets older and as hard as we try to literally reverse time, it just won’t happen. There have been 14.6 million plastic surgeries done in the year 2012. I mean 14.6 million people have altered their chemical makeup, have altered their genes to abide by societies laws of beautiful. Men and women, old and young, are constantly trying to change themselves. Have you ever seen a beauty video on YouTube or “beauty gurus” as they are called? Well if not you should, I promise they are addictive, yet that’s beside the point. These beauty gurus, beauty magazines, advice pages on skin and makeup; these people will all sit behind a computer screen and tell you different products to put on your skin or how to curl your hair this way. Nothing in offense to them yet we are taught so many different ways to alter something that is already beautiful.

For years I would dream over models with great skin. I mean girls who had glowing skin and could go out without makeup and look beautiful, I will admit I still do this. But that doesn’t mean you need to put more makeup on. I know many girls do not have the confidence to go out of the house without makeup or perfect hair, but we are human. No one and I do mean no one believes you really ‘woke up like this’. None of us are Beyoncé. So put on whatever creme you like, slap on tons of coconut oil if you like the glow it gives you; or spend thousands of dollars on Le Mer creme for your face. Do whatever feels good and makes you happy. Stop trying to change yourself, your skin, your nose. You were born beautiful and you should not feel the need to change that. Do not give into societies realm of disillusion because as hard as you try you were born that way; you cannot change your skin type, or the way your thighs are muscular, or the fact that you have tinier eyes then most. The way you look into that mirror, that is you, those beautiful genes given from your parents, stop trying to change yourself; there is no need to alter. That reflective image you see from a pane of glass, that is beauty.


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