Speckle of Our Words
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Slipping Solitude

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Amee Kim

You are sitting alone by the window at your local coffee shop.

You are watching the world pass by, the glass reflecting your thoughts. Those around you type furiously on their keyboard, negotiating deals with coworkers over the phone and old friends are sharing details of their lives gone amiss over the years.

For a moment you feel free, like you could run off to Paris with just the $500 waiting in your saving. This is an electric feeling, something calm, because for a moment solitude brings this everlasting essence of tranquility.

You sit with music surrounding your senses, with each word you find comfort, find comfort in words used to describe a current feeling you cannot place.

Thoughts wander through your mind, as the people pass by. Those of every character, shape, size wandering the streets spark an interest in your head.

There’s a man over in the corner with his nose in a book, and you wonder if he will ever look up and catch your eye; wonder if the people around you are looking at you or rather staring because you seem to be casting some sight upon them unknowingly.

The weather is clear and you leave the messages on your phone for another time, ignoring people for a bit, you find peace.

Maybe you will strike up a conversation with the man in the corner; whom is reading a book that spikes your interest.

Sipping your coffee, you stroll through the park traveling home.

Often times we rush through everyday being bogged down with life’s little annoyances. With school work and family, friends to concern over and important papers to turn in. Solitude slips away with every passing day, and the freedom runs further on.

The possibilities of forever still holds true. A day reading your favorite book or three hours watching the movie you’ve wanted to see, alone.

You are this anonymous letter, mysterious question. No one knows you’re story, the name of your younger sister, the grade you got on your last test.

As you wander through the park you stop to pet the little dog running by and politely ask the owner it’s age and breed.
The puppy makes you smile as you walk on.

After hours or moments of bliss you click on your phone and read the message that went unread, answering those too wrapped up in their own lives to notice your absence.

Certain words of blase effect consume our minds, wrapping our souls with the superfluous excess of our worlds.

Solitude gifts another sip of the now warm cup of coffee to your day.


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