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Brighten Your School Day Blues

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Lee Ann Wiemers

We all have different opinions on school. Although, lately I’ve only heard negative things about school. Even I have trouble rolling out of bed in the morning and stumbling to the bathroom without giving into that temptation of crawling back under the warm covers. Some of us hate having to eat breakfast so early while some of us despise having to search for a seat on the bus full of rowdy kids and grumpy classmates. School isn’t all terrible, though. Having friends and being able to see your crush makes things a lot better. Leaving for lunch to a fast food place or having some time at the end of the class to do nothing can change our day for the better. Again, it’s those little things that build up to huge moments. Here’s some tips to brighten your spirits during the week.

1. Make Friends or Talk to New People

This of course is a huge topic. Being able to connect with people who have the same interests that you have is a wonderful feeling. It’s okay to have a few friends or even one best friend. Somebody you can complain about school with and text stupid things to during class while the teacher isn’t looking can make school easier to bear. Don’t totally block yourself off from people. Actually having people you look forward to seeing everyday is vital. If you are having trouble finding people who interest you, join clubs or teams. Being in groups who have to work together to complete something quickly introduces yourself to other, and you kind of have to start to love them if you around them so much. When new kids enroll, try welcoming them and inviting them to sit with you and a group of friends at lunch. You know absolutely nothing about this new kid, so it’s nice to get to know someone with a fresh face.

2. Wear What You Love

What I wear and what you wear to school are probably two very different things. And that’s okay. You don’t have to dress up every day if you don’t want to – actually, you don’t have to dress up at all if you dislike putting in that effort. Throwing on sweats, nice shoes, maybe a shirt and a cardigan is so simple. You can even wear sweats and pull on a hoodie. It doesn’t matter. And if you love to wear skirts or dresses every day, then do so. It’s a terrible thing to worry about something so silly like an outfit while you’re in class. If you feel good in it, then that’s truly all that matters. If you go for comfort, then wear it in the best possible way. Be confident in whatever you wear, because there’s honestly so much more to worry about in school.

3. Create A Good Bond with Your Teacher

Nobody likes a kiss up or a teacher’s pet, but I’m not saying that’s what you have to be. If you find a teacher or professor interesting, raise your hand in class and talk to them after the bell rings. Don’t fake your relationship with teachers, just have a strong one. It is so much more comfortable to be in class with a teacher you aren’t afraid to talk to or make eye contact with. It’ll improve your work and make coming to class not such a burden. I’m one of those people who are super awkward and shy, especially towards teachers. I won’t lie, they intimidate me. I’ve noticed that the teacher’s I always ask questions to, answer problems for, or just say goodbye to when the bell rings are my most comfortable classes. Tell them good morning before class starts or wish them a good weekend on Fridays. Little things like that will make being in class not so tense and such a bore.

4. Have A Plan

Being organized is very beneficial as we’ve all heard. Our schedules are crazy, though. It’s hard to know what’s going on tomorrow and if you’ll even be free tomorrow night. Make a “kind of plan” in your head or if it’s easier, buy a nice planner and write it down. I usually think about what to do the next morning, like if I want to pack my lunch first or eat breakfast first. I think about after school and make plans to get my homework done by whatever time I think is best. I leave time to study and relax. Usually at 8 pm is when I try to leave time to chill, because I hate leaving homework for last-minute. Honestly, If I’m able to finish my homework before 11 a few nights out of the week, I’m all good. This plan is not strict or a plan you have to go by. It’s just nice to know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. It takes some stress off and lets me think about more important things.


This is crazy. I must be absolutely mad for telling you not stress or even telling you that it’s possible. But it is. Honestly think about school for a bit. Take out all the negative things and realize how stress free it actually is. We make everything so complicated. Leaving things to the last-minute is our fault, not our teacher’s. Studying for hours on end is something we tell ourselves we have to do. I’ve found that studying a few times in little time increments is the best way to study. At the end of the night, I read it over before going to sleep, and I do much better on tests then I do on tests I have studied two hours straight for. The amount of homework you have is insane, I know. But really, you have what you have. If you can’t change something, don’t get so stressed about it. As my anatomy teacher always says, “If you can’t do anything about it, there’s no reason to stress.” Let time do what time does. Do your best; because that’s all you have. Breathe deeply when you get stressed and while you’re feeling like setting fire to all your homework, remember what you’re working so hard for. Hang inspiration quotes around your room and a picture of your dream college. When you turn a paper in or complete a quiz, know that you’ve done everything in your power to do well on those assignments. Leave no room for regrets, because that’ll just create anxiety for next projects and homework assignments. You’ve done what you could and settling for your best, from what I’ve learned, is all you can do in high school.


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  1. Geo says

    I honestly love all of the posts here !! they are so enjoyable to read and helpful and informative , thank you ^-^

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